Why You Need To Buy The Breville je98xl Juice Fountain Plus

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

It is that time again when you need to take back control of your health after a lot of binge eating and unhealthy snacks. You will need a dependable juicer which you can use during the time you are detoxifying your system. As you choose the right juicer, you should think about your tastes and needs and other variables including pricing, efficiency, ease of use, function and speed. The Breville je98xl Juice Fountain Plus might just be what you need. The juicer whose price ranges from 100 to 130 dollars depending on the seller has plenty of great functions that are value for your money.


What makes it one of the best juicer is the fact that it has a powerful motor. The juicer Plus comes with an 850 watt double speed motor that allows it to extract juice at great speeds. It is considered the best juicer for all fruits and the best juicer for green vegetables. It comes with settings that control speed and help in producing different consistencies for juicing. The high speed of 12000 RPM is ideal for hard fruits and vegetables such as carrots, beetroots, apples and broccoli while the low speed of 6500 RPM works well for fruits like mangoes, bananas and other soft produce.

Compared to other brands this juice extractor it has a minimal heat generation of 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit that is needed to protect the antioxidants and natural enzymes. It comes with a 3 inches feed tube which saves you from slicing and chopping produce. It also has a 1 liter jug that has a section for separating froth and a separate container for pulp. To improve convenience there is an integrated handle. The durable structure which is made from heavy grade polymer and the safety lock arm and LED over load protection protects both you and the juicer from damage.

Clean up is easy since most of it’s parts are detachable and can be cleaned using a dish washer or through the sink. According to best juicer 2017 reviews, the easy to use and the smooth consistency of the juice make it a winner. It also comes with a one year warranty.


Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor
Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

Before you start juicing prepare the fruits and vegetables by washing them and peeling where necessary. If the fruits and vegetables are large you will need to cut them to a size that fits the feeding chute. Carrots and cucumbers can fit without being cut.
Before you plug in the juicer ensure the filter is clean and the juice jug is well placed. The jug should be directly below the spout.it is better to use the jug because it will prevent spills and splatter. Put every item carefully into the feed pipe. Use slow pumps to push the food pusher. Look out for the pump container that it does not fill up quickly. The machine separates the pulp and directs it to the pulp container and when it becomes full empty it immediately before you continue.

The Breville je98xl Juice Fountain Plus

Pros and Cons


Compared to other juicers reviews it stands out as being powerful and fast. You can extract juice from a pineapple or orange with its rind. Unlike the masticating juicer there is a shorter waiting period before you get a liter of juice. Its versatility allows you to juice hard fruits like pears, apples, carrots and softer ones by controlling the dual speed. Everybody likes an easy and convenient juicer and that is what you get with this juicer. It has 5 parts and it easy to clean and assemble. The 2 speed control is easy for those who are not tech savvy. With the long tube you can put whole vegetables and fruits and the fact that the parts are dish washer safe cleanup is not an issue.

The generation of low heat makes sure that the phytochemicals and nutrients remain intact in the juice. The froth eliminator eliminates as much froth as it can to ensure the juice tastes nice and is kept well. Any of the juicer surfaces that are in closecontact with the produce and pulp is BPA- free and ensure the highest regard to your health. Over loading is the least of your worries because the juicer has a sensor that shuts down the motor automatically when you have put excess. It has a neat and pristine look with the cord made in such a way that it wraps all round it’s base and is hidden from sight.


As a centrifugal juicer, it is not very efficient when juicing produce such as hard leafy greens and wheat grass. To get evenmore juice, you would be forced to use the pulp more than once. You will also have to mix the greens with hard fruits to be able to juice them well. As is the common case with centrifugal juicers it produces loud sounds which to those who are used to it are not that much a big deal.
The Breville juicer je98xl is ideal for those who are just starting juicing and are not ready to invest in masticating juicers. People who like to keep it simple in terms of gadgets will appreciate the 2 speed setting .If you are looking to get healthy and avoid thinking about pastries and junk this juicer works for youu.In case you are one of those busy types who needs a quick morning juice fix and you have limited time then this is the product for you. For those looking for a best juicer for greens which can create enough juice to last about two days then this is the product for you. As long as you are not too strict on the amount of froth and you are not a juicer who prefers quiet gadgets this juicer is a win for you.


All in all when you look at the balance of factors this particular brand of juicer has a higher rating. The price, simplicity, durability, convenience, speeds and efficiency makes it a brand to be reckoned with. The key features of this juicer are the power and speed. The easy set up and operation will allow you to enjoy your juicing sessions. As for the hard vegetables and fruits this juicer makes it all effortless. It is as efficient as it is pocket friendly.

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